Host Venue

University of Zaragoza, together with I3A, will host the VPH Congress 2018: VPH for In Silico Medicine. The event will be located at Betancourt Building, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, in Campus River Ebro (North of the city) at University of


Edificio Betancourt
Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Campus Río Ebro
C/ María de Luna
50018 Zaragoza

Venue facilities

The Betancourt building is equipped with one of the newest facilities of University of Zaragoza. VPH congress will count with 4 rooms for 100 people each for the sessions and, the assembly hall of the faculty to host the Keynote sessions with capacity for 360 persons. In all these rooms there are projectors with computer facilities. Therefore, with this number of rooms, a total of 5 sessions in parallel could be organized.